Collection 23: the awakening of nature according to Renato Parolin

A brand new collection has bloomed

His love for woods, plants, flowers and all animals has always been in all the works of the most beloved Italian cross stitch designer, so it’s impossible not to be surprised any time he reconfirms it, with brand new inspirations, in a new collection!

So the magic keeps happening in his new “number 23”: a collection dedicated to Spring and its gifts, including a special series – all with names in the unusual and quite unknown Icelandic language! – fully composed by flowers. It’s called “Blóm Collection” (in Icelandic, “blóm” means “flower”) and is made up of 13 models, each declined into two different flowers, because, as Renato has written in his blog “flowers also can tell us something”. So he has summed up the messages of flowers in 13 wonderful subjects, as follows (**)

We will then give our personal touch to these universal and fantastic subjects, with our needle and the charming colors recommended by Renato. Besides them, the designer offers us once again his colorful though delicate trees – one for each season of our life and environment – two hearts (Hjarta and Heppni, meaning exactly “heart” and “luck”, in Icelandic); a sampler celebrating nature itself (Náttúran) a tender, “little flower”(Floret).

Happy stitching and… Thanks Renato

(**) Andlega (spirituality) Ást (love) Frelsi (freedom) Galdur (magic) Hamingja (happiness) Heilla (charm) Hollusta (fidelity) Ljós (light) Löngun (desire) Næmni (sensibility) Trú (faith) Viska (wisdom) Vona (hope)

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