Can you be eco-friendly even when crafting?

Sure, we can! As we’re taught by a number of people keen on creative recycling, who create amazing things, just giving a new life to materials usually considered as scrap materials.

To explore this theme – definitely so topical and much discussed today! – you can now count on two brand new books (both in French, but with clear step-by-step pictures showing whole processes) with a whole lot of truly lovely, easy and 100% green projects: Couture maison durableAtelier zéro déchet

The former one includes 20 eco-friendly, sewing projects to create everyday objects (from shopping totes, to make up remover pads, just to mention some); while the second is a manual of creative and practical recycling, since it explains exactly how to replace – in a green way – things that we’re used to considering as “throwaway”.

And if recycling inspires you, to start practicing up, you can also choose these Italian magazines: 

fully focusing on how to re-use the most different things, strictly in a creative way, of course.

Anyway, more and more manufacturers in the craft industry are getting more and more environment friendly, offering us more opportunities to select products with a low environmental impact, when it comes to our hobbies.

Some examples? These 100% recycled-polyester sewing threads from Gütermann:


But also these recycled-plastic bag handles from DMC:

As well as these recycled-polyester battings from Freudenberg:


Eco-sustainable products are going to get more and more and the way to a “zero-impact” world is still very long. However, as it is said worldwide “who starts well, is halfway there”.

So, let’s be ready! Hear from us soon.

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