Brief and useful notes: why are some DMC colors so hard to find

It’s true: some colors of the large range of the most loved stranded cotton from the famous French brand seem (and are!)  truly impossible to find!

You often ask us info about them, since – as often – they seem to have suddenly disappeared. And you often ask about some other colors that – even though listed in the color key of several patterns – here in Europe are simply impossible to find.

Well, in the first instance, we’re referring to colors that DMC sometimes discontinue. There can be different reasons for that, though the most frequent ones are connected to textile dyes that the European Union has stated as out of law, because not compliant anymore with environmental regulations. This happened, for example, with red and purple color and derived shades. Sometimes, however, DMC simply decides that the range must be “renovated” – just like fashion designers do – and, in this case, it’s because some colors are not used anymore by many cross stitch designers. So, they are replaced with highly similar shades, featuring however nw color numbers.

Here’s a list of some of these colors that you might have in the some patterns in your stash 🙂

  • 776 replaced by 3326
  • 781 replaced by 782
  • 971 replaced by 740
  • 504 replaced by 3813
  • 731 replaced by 732
  • 806 replaced by 3760
  • 3773 replaced by 407
  • 868 replaced by 801

You can also find these color numbers and their replacements in our website, in the webpage of DMC stranded cotton 🙂 But just in case you want to always have the list ready…

Then, there’s a series of DMC skins – fortunately enough quite limited in colors! – that had been manufactured as a limited edition and therefore marketed for very little time exclusively in the USA and exclusively in a packaging including all the 16 colors composing this limited edition. We managed to carry them on Casa Cenina – exceptionally and not for long, being a limited edition – but now they have been discontinued and therefore not available anymore in the USA, too..

Here below you can find those 16 colors with thri most reasonable replacement. However, don’t forget that in this instance we’re talking of “similar colors”, not equivalent!


  • 3880 can be replaced with 223
  • 3881 can be replaced with  164
  • 3882 can be replaced with  839
  • 3883 can be replaced with  722
  • 3884 can be replaced with  535
  • 3885 can be replaced with  312
  • 3886 can be replaced with  3685
  • 3887 can be replaced with  208
  • 3888 can be replaced with  3740
  • 3889 can be replaced with  445
  • 3890 can be replaced with  3766
  • 3891 can be replaced with  995
  • 3892 can be replaced with  740
  • 3893 can be replaced with  543
  • 3894 can be replaced with  907
  • 3895 can be replaced with  646

So, if you find one or more of this colors in some of your patterns (mainly coming from US designers), no panic! By using the replacements here above, the final result will be lovely anyway, even though not “identical” with the picture on the front cover of your pattern 😉
And should you have any question, just contact us at…

    Hera from us soon!

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