Bosal Foam & Interfacing

New year, new battings!

We’re always looking for top-quality products to offer at the best price, here at Casa Cenina, and this is how we have just started a new adventure with some items that are definitely among the best sellers for all hobbies involving needle and threads: battings 🙂 That’s how we met the US brand Bosal: a family-run company boasting more than 60 years experience in this industry and headquartered in the historical State of Maine, where they manufacture all their batting range.

Their lines include different-sized battings having different “loft”, in order to quilt Summer, Autumn and Winter projects. They are made of 100% American cotton, or in mixed cotton and modern polyester (80/20) or in pure wool and they are available in fusible versions, besides the traditional ones, all both in white and in black.

And while you’re discovering these brand new selection for your quilting projects, don’t miss the as interesting foam shapes, designed to sew the most different tridimensional projects, such as bags and purses, but also decorations and animal beds, as well as little presents to give away 😉

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