Bead embroidery: that’s how it works!

We had already anticipated this, just before Christmas 2020…

we had bet, you would love bead embroidery kits and you actually do! That’s why we have decided to carry many more models, widening our selection, that you can see here:

Among the best sellers (yes, many of you have already bought up), there are the lovely brooches: kits including all the materials needed to craft unusual and elegant brooches, not only to pin on your coats and jackets, but also to make a beanie more colorful and charming.

However, as it often happens when new products are to be discovered and tried, many of you might have doubts: “Can I do this? I’ve never ever purchased a bead embroidery kit!”

Well, if you’re among our friends with such doubts, this post is your invitation to “dare”, for it’s much easier than you can figure out!

Don’t you think? That’s normal 😉 Just take a look at this video and you’re going to change your mind:

Ready to try this brand new crafty adventure?

Bead embroidery is not only simple, but even fun! And it guarantees you truly amazing results.


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