#andràtuttobene #itwillbeallright

In these weeks, staying at home is the crucial contribution we all can – and must – give our countries, as well as to each other, to leave this emergency behind as quick as possible.

That’s why last week we posted our message with the double hashtag #Istayhome with #casacenina .

Now, we’d like to take a step further: w’d like to invite you to post on our socialsFaceBook, Instagram and TikTok – a picture of the crafty project you’re working on, maybe with more than than usual, since you must stay home, with the hashtag #itwillbeallright

You can stitch this hashtag, or sew it, draw ir on a special paper or cut it out in some felt, shape it with a wool or cotton thread on a piece of fabric or on a sheet and include it in the picture of your current project in any way your creative flair suggest you!

Let’s flood Casa Cenina socials with the picture symbolizing creativity as an important key to that “think positive” that we’d like to keep up, even more in days like this! 

And don’t forget to post a comment with your picture, describing it and sharing with everyone our will to make something good: now more than ever!

Ready? Look forward to seeing your crafty projects!

#itwillbeallright #Istayhome with #casacenina


PS.: in our picture, you can see the start of a very challenging stitchy project of one of us hee at Casa Cenina, “fresh from these days” 😉

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