An easy and fun tutorial for your creative sewing

Let’s sew practically and with order

We’d like to share this video tutorial from Burda, giving you all the links of the materials and tools used in it that you can find on Casa Cenina, because we find this idea simple and nice.

“The list of sewing necessities is quite long and can generate some sort of confusion. Rulers, chalks, markers, pins, cutters and much more. Let’s see together some necessary tools, with a simple video tutorial. We’re going  to discover some very useful instruments, which you won’t give up anymore! And you’re going to see how they can help you save time and avoid too much effort!”

In the video tutorial, a Pfaff Quilt Expression 720 sewing machine is used, but any sewing machine will be fine for this project, so don’t be afraid 😉
The other materials needed, all available on Casa Cenina, are as follows:

Ready to sew?

Have fun!

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