All the pluses of textile hemp

Tutorial to crochet some lovely makeup removing pad

Just a few days ago, on our FaceBook pages, we shared a tutorial to crochet some lovely makeup removing pads and say bye bye to cotton wool pads that – just like any other disposable item – aren’t environmentally-friendly at all. Not just after their single use, but already while being manufactured, for the certain CO2 release that any industrial production causes. The reusable (virtually forever!) makeup removing pads in the tutorial are crocheted, of course, with a 100% natural, palnt-based yarn, just like those that we have recently uploaded on Casa Cenina:

from the US Lion Brand. If you’re wondering why hemp and not cotton, you’re right. We wondered exactly the same and discovered that hemp is definitely “one step ahead” in terms of eco-sustainability.

In comparison to cotton, in fact, this natural fiber requires much less water and pesticide to be grown and can give a higher amount of fiber per acre. Moreover, the hemp coming from the different processes used to remove the fibers from the stem of its plant can be naturally white, cream, black, green, grey or brown, without even needing any dying!

Hemp also features better antibacterial properties than any other plant.based fiber. This means that hemp doesn’t go mouldy and doesn’t favor fungal growth and molds and this is most important, when talking of makeup removing pads.

So, it is not by chance that – for ages – hemp fibers were the main raw material for textile manufacturing and, thanks to their resistance, they were used to make ropes even in the maritime industry!

Are you ready to test our hemp yarns?


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