A simple and quick idea for your Mardi Gras

Light felt, scissors, fabric glue or needle and thread… and ready to party!

Having fun in the most colorful days of the year is certainly a matter of crafting something funny, too, better if ina  fast and pleasing way, for our children and – why not? -, with our children!

The Net is full of very good and varied tutorials to inspire ourselves. Among many of them however, we’ve chosen to focus on an idea to create some lovely animal masks, perfect to make any Mardi Gras party even more lively, in particular for our little ones!

Click here and download the free patterns in seconds:

Choose your favorite little animals and let your kids color them. Then, have fun together choosing the light felt in the colors needed to craft their masks, among the many shades you can find in our Felt Best and Fiesta Felt ranges:

Felt Best

Fiesta Felt

And cut out the various shapes in the pattern, put them together as showed and fix them with this special glue:

or with a common fabric glue, like this one here:

If your prefer to sew the pieces together, just do that (with a blanket stitch, for example), by hand or with your sewing machine, since this light felt is ideal also for machine sewing.

Last but not least, choose two ribbons and sew them on the two sides of the mask and… you’ll be ready to party, or to give them to your little party guests as a nice, little gift.


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