A passion called Bargello

The revival of an embroidery technique that’s more and more appreciated

On YouTube teìhere’s a whole lot of video tutorials – in English, most of all – on Bargello embroidery (also known as “flame stitch”) and Casa Cenina carries several books on this kind of embroidery:

Since, in spite of being born almost eight centuries ago, this technique is very modern and has been experiencing an actual revival in the last few years 🙂

For sure, because Bargello is easy to needlework, though giving a series of color and shape results that are definitely amazing and modern.

In fact, this kind of embroidery is based on very simple straight stitches, to be worked vertically, moving upwards or downwards, over two or more threads on the canvas. Just like in cross stitching, you always have to start from the center of the project and then stitch until the surface of the canvas is fully covered.

The Bargello is worked on a single-thread canvas, like this one from Zweigart, for example:

with tapestry needles like these ones:

and a suitable thread, such as this soft cotton:

with a very soft touch!

Don’t forget that Bargello embroidery requires floss lengths longer than those generally used for other embroidery techniques, so we recommend to works with more needles already threaded with different colors,  so to save time when you have to change from color to color: actually, color changes are very frequent in this technique (color usually changes at the end of each line of stitches!).

These color changes and their combinations give the Bargello its surprising color effects and the same pattern stitched with different colors can thus perform very different results, in turn. You can use the different shades of a single color (such as, for example, those of red, or blue), if you want to get a final result in balanced hues; or you can use contrasting colors, if you’re looking for a very lively final result, being certainly very tridimensional.

In all cases, your finished piece will be unique and able to draw attention.

Come and meet the Bargello embroidery on Casa Cenina!

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