A free rose for the all of us, from Luca’s

There’s a whole lot of us choosing and appreciating their cross-stitch and tapestry kits, so full of details and well refined, where flowers often play the leading role… and now, from Luca’s, here’s a lovely gift for us all:

a wonderful freebie, with a delicate rose in off-white shades and without thorns!

The queen of flowers, with so many meanings and, according to popular tradition, the favorite corolla of fairies and mythical figures, has always been selected to represent rebirth and therefore to depict Spring, too.

Stitching it is going to be a pleasure, not only because it’s free, of course, but even for the agreeable, ivory color shades used by Luca’s designers that, in the language of flowers, mean goodness, innocence and devotion. That’s why this rose will be a perfect present for our home, maybe on a cushion decorating our sofa with a Spring touch (or the armchair where we usually take our time for stitching!), or for a little, special gift for someone we love.

And if you love tapestry, you can definitely stitch it as a needlepoint model, by simply stitching hal cross stitch, instead of the full cross stitch.

In the soft and realistic style of Luca’s, we’re sure we’ll love to see this rose come alive in our hands.

Special thanks to the whole, amazing Luca’s family!


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